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Our intaglio studio

Our intaglio studio is equipped with two Charles Brand presses and
two French Tool presses. Artists have the possibility for creating large
format prints (up to 42”x72”). All traditional methods (etching, monoprint, monotype, collagraph, relief) as well as experimental techniques can be explored in this studio.

Solarplate printing uses a polymer coated steel plate that is light sensitive and developed with only water. Solarplate printing is the intaglio shop’s forté. Due to solar etchings none toxic properties, it has become a prefered way to create prints, using photographic methods as well as drawn images. Quick, high quality results can be achieved without the use of toxic fumes from acids.

Artists work one on one with a professional printer allowing exploration of all the creative and technical possibilities of printmaking. Previous printmaking experience is not a necessity. Goya-Girl Press collaborates, editions, publishes.Daily rates and workshops are available.

Please call Goya-Girl Press for daily rates, studio time or to make an appointment to veiw prints for sale.