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Goya-Girl Press

Goya-Girl Press is a full service printmaking atelier dedicated to providing the latest technical excellence in fine art printmaking. The Press is set up as a print and publishing workshop with professional printers for intaglio and lithography who work with artists to create editions and unique fine art prints. Because the printer collaberates with the artist and provides complete technical assistance, the artist needs no previous printmaking experience.

The printmaking studios are equipped for intaglio, lithography, screen-printing, woodcut, photographic and computer generated images-also unique and new non-toxic methods. Goya-Girl Press maintains an archive for veiwing prints, as well as an exhibition space. High quality original prints made at the press are available for sale.

Research in the area of non-toxic technology (photo polymer plates) has made Goya-Girl Press a specialized shop for solar plate etching. Our expertise with polymer plate etching allows us to make high quality etchings from drawn or photographic images, while saving publishers and artists a lot of time and expense.

The relaxed studio environment includes a nineteenth-century stone house where artists may reside while working at the press. Goya-Girl Press is located in a renovated textile mill within walking distance to restaurants, shops and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Artists and publishers can reserve time for editioning and contract printing and/or studio time to experiment and work with a professional printer.

Please call Goya-Girl Press for daily rates, studio time or to make an appointment to veiw prints for sale.

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